FERVENT is an indie visual novel production team founded on September 2014.



Early history

Ameliori produced Who is Mike in the late quarter of 2014 as her first trial game using the Ren’py engine. With the help of a couple of friends: ColaCat (proofreading), Barzini o(marketing), Marionette (programming) and Saltome (proofreading), Who is Mike got recognition as an engaging, solid horror thriller. VNs Now praised it as original and well-written, even getting greenlit on Steam in less than 10 days. Some months later, Ameliori decided to produce more games under the name FERVENT.

Further development and Cupid

Cupid started production during  March 2015 for the NaNoReNo game jam. Ameliori met Artsvarn and Jyuusango in an artist forum during this time. Both artists provided help and advice in completing the project. Marionette, ColaCat and Barzini also returned to lend a hand. There were also new volunteers who answered the NaNo recruitment thread: The Library Cat and tinytim as proofreader and co-writer, respectively. The former expressed interest in working with Fervent for future projects. Cupid was released on September 2015 with much success. It won Visual Novel Game of the Year from VNs Now and is currently released on Steam.



Awards & Recognition

“English Visual Novel of the Year (Cupid)” – VNs Now Best Ofs 2015



Ame Acosta (ameliori) | Lead Writer, Artist, Director
Satoshi Kamanaka (Jyuusango) | Concept Artist, Co-Director