Truth VN: Weekly Update # 2


Well howdy folks!

Finished four drafts out of the nine endings so far, and I have started creating the programming branches and organizing renpy labels. The main story is quite done. We’re clocking in at 30k+ words. Just a few touch ups here and there, and it could actually be called done for a first draft!

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Truth VN: Weekly Update # 1


Starting this week, we’ll be updating everyone on the status of the Truth’s gamedev every Wednesday or Thursday, so I hope you monitor our progress as we go through the development. The updates are not going to be too flashy in these early stages, sorry! The  writing and shaping of the story comes first right now.

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TRUTH: VN, Fervent’s New Visual Novel Project

After the long wait, Fervent is ready to announce our most recent WIP. This is two of three games that are in development right now. So there’s plenty more good stuff to come!

Without further ado, here is TRUTH: VN.
(More under the cut!)

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Updates on FERVENT, Ame’s health, Belfegor House… and other projects


Hello everyone! My last post was a looong time ago, and I am so dreadfully sorry for the lack of updates. I was battling some respiratory and EENT infections so I wasn’t able to work straight.

There are some serious lessons that need to be learned for Fervent. One thing is “Don’t bite off more than you could chew”. And, “Don’t release info about a game when the story is not at least 50% complete.” Both  lessons pertain to “The Belfegor House.”

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Cupid – Sound Design & Music list


UPDATE: Added “Bitterness” and “Night Terror” download links.

A lot of people in Tumblr have been asking about the music we used in the game. I was aware that music was a very important part of the experience, so I was careful in choosing songs that captured the mood in the story.  That said, Cupid was made on a zero budget, so it was a little bit of a challenge to find free music that people haven’t heard before. Most of them were found in Youtube, Soundcloud and good ol’ googling, and I’m quite happy that a lot of people praised the game’s sound design.

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The best lesson to take away from NaNoReno

NaNoReno just ended, so I would like to extend my warm congratulations to everyone who participated. Whether you hit that deadline or not, what matters is you powered through a whole of month thinking, breathing and focusing on your project. That’s no ordinary feat, as Focus (not talent or resources or a swanky new office), is the key to succeeding in any endeavor.

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There’s a new project brewing in Fervent

FERVENT is creating a new project!

We are looking forward to announce our development very soon. This story is going to be our first commercial release so we are putting our best foot forward. With new staff, fresh perspectives and a bigger vision, this game is going to be an upgrade in all aspects. Target release date is around late of 2016 to early 2017.

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