Happy New Year 2018!

Heydie ho! A fresh start always feels good, but nothing is a better feeling than completing projects! Let’s make 2018 the year of game completion!

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“The Black Beast” wins Maximum Monster Month Jam!

Holy moley… We won! What an amazing honor!

But this is just the beginning! There’s still a lot of work to do to complete this project. Early tester feedback is pointing us to the right direction:

• A more solid game mechanic
• Better conflict
• Utilizing the “Time” element better
• Performance improvements
• Better dialogue formatting for characters

If you’re interested in playtesting it, check out the demo and send us an email! Thanks to everyone who played and supported us through the jam! Everyone who participated had really great projects to show off. I’m really proud of what everyone accomplished!

Abel, Glasseye and Serious Business

My, this week whizzed by so fast! I barely noticed that it was already Thursday and time for another update. So how are you guys? Halloween is almost around the corner so I guess everyone’s busy with holiday preparations. Have an awesome time!

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Truth VN: Weekly Update # 2


Well howdy folks!

Finished four drafts out of the nine endings so far, and I have started creating the programming branches and organizing renpy labels. The main story is quite done. We’re clocking in at 30k+ words. Just a few touch ups here and there, and it could actually be called done for a first draft!

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Truth VN: Weekly Update # 1


Starting this week, we’ll be updating everyone on the status of the Truth’s gamedev every Wednesday or Thursday, so I hope you monitor our progress as we go through the development. The updates are not going to be too flashy in these early stages, sorry! The  writing and shaping of the story comes first right now.

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TRUTH: VN, Fervent’s New Visual Novel Project

After the long wait, Fervent is ready to announce our most recent WIP. This is two of three games that are in development right now. So there’s plenty more good stuff to come!

Without further ado, here is TRUTH: VN.
(More under the cut!)

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Updates on FERVENT, Ame’s health, Belfegor House… and other projects


Hello everyone! My last post was a looong time ago, and I am so dreadfully sorry for the lack of updates. I was battling some respiratory and EENT infections so I wasn’t able to work straight.

There are some serious lessons that need to be learned for Fervent. One thing is “Don’t bite off more than you could chew”. And, “Don’t release info about a game when the story is not at least 50% complete.” Both  lessons pertain to “The Belfegor House.”

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