FERVENT is an indie game production team founded in September 2014. Our games are usually dark fairy tales, with influences from mythology, mysticism and the supernatural. We have produced two games to date, and working on our third. Check our Presskit for more details.

Contact us at : ferventdev [@] gmail . com

The story behind fireflies and Fervent

My grandpa was a teacher and loved telling stories. It was my first time visiting him, a city kid traipsing around the countryside full of coconuts and frog eggs. One particularly cool summer night, we decided to open the windows. Grandpa Jose told his story then, tales of cursed princes, far away lands and magical birds whose poop turned you to stone (lol!). Suddenly, fireflies began to creep into the room. It was a rare, mesmerizing moment. Some of them perched on our mosquito tents. Some peeked in, checked what all the fuss was about, and left. Still, some hovered curiously close, almost as if they wanted to listen in while Gramps told his story. My grandpa plucked one of the braver firefiles and placed it in my cupped hands.

I was seven, then. I lived in the city my whole life. Fireflies existed only in science books and t.v. shows. In the palm of my hands, it looked like magic.  – ameliori

The name “Fervent” was chosen to evoke the warmth of stories on a cold night. Stories are a place of rest before going back to reality. We tell tales that arouse emotion, enchant, thrill and leave an eager, quiet fire in the coldest nights.

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