Truth VN: Weekly Update # 2


Well howdy folks!

Finished four drafts out of the nine endings so far, and I have started creating the programming branches and organizing renpy labels. The main story is quite done. We’re clocking in at 30k+ words. Just a few touch ups here and there, and it could actually be called done for a first draft!

Unfortunately, we’re still running low on the art side. Call me neurotic, but I’d rather have the writing all done in good quality before subjecting our artist to my whims. This is the first time I will be collaborating with another artist (I usually do most of the art), and I need to make the instructions as clear as I can be.

I do have the character sketch for our resident Megane-chan, Dumah:

As this game is centered around identities and deception, I can’t give away any of the characters’ past/personality without spoilers.

Dumah is the youngest in our group of demon summoners, but let no one underestimate her drive. She is the least likely to lie to you, but desperation can do strange things to a person. After all, what is an artist without her sight? It would be wise to stay wary of her.

Her gift is the third eye. She can see supernatural things ever since she was little.

Dumah’s codename is derived from the Yiddish angel of silence, sporting a thousand eyes and a fiery sword. Following her namesake, Dumah is a taciturn character, sharp, perceptive and observant.

That’s all for this week! See you in our next update!


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