Cupid – Sound Design & Music list


UPDATE: Added “Bitterness” and “Night Terror” download links.

A lot of people in Tumblr have been asking about the music we used in the game. I was aware that music was a very important part of the experience, so I was careful in choosing songs that captured the mood in the story.  That said, Cupid was made on a zero budget, so it was a little bit of a challenge to find free music that people haven’t heard before. Most of them were found in Youtube, Soundcloud and good ol’ googling, and I’m quite happy that a lot of people praised the game’s sound design.

The concept I started with was “music box” (heh, I know, kinda cliche, right?), with atmospheric string ambiance in the background. I didn’t want anything orchestral or heavy. It had to be light and somewhat minimalist, because Cupid is essentially one character’s (Rosa’s) journey. Music box instrumentals just captured that teetering edge between innocence and creepiness.

Some music inspiration I had was Chrono Cross’s Dream Fragments and the main theme, Tea Leaf Melancholy.

1. Tea Leaf Melancholy – Krichotomy
2. Agnus Dei – William Byrd
3. Goldberg var 1a1 – J.S. Bach (Kimiko Ishikawa)
4. Liebesleid – Sergei Rachmaninoff
5. Parisian – Kevin Macleod
6. Garden – Yasupochi
7. To be continued2 – Yasupochi
8. Despair – Yasupochi
9. L’enclune – Circus Marcus
10. Goldberg Var 14a2 – J.S. Bach (Kimiko Ishikawa)
11. Fermer Les Yeux – Circus Marcus
12. Ittekimasu – Yasupochi
13. Friends in a circle – Jon Coyle
14. Winter Wind – Chopin
15. Muck – Yasupochi
16. Sardana – Kevin Macleod
17. Sasasa – Nagami Yukitaka
18. Spooky Music Box – Speedenza
19. Alfonsina – Yasupochi
20. Lonely Town – Yasupochi
21. Pompas de Jabon – Circus Marcus
22. Bitterness – Autumn Elm
23. Goodbye, Aunt K – Yasupochi
24. La Chambre – Circus Marcus
25. La tapa del Jueves – Circus Marcus
26. Night Terror – Autumn Elm
27. La Tapa del Viernes – Circus Marcus
28. Snowdrop – Kevin Macleod
29. Spider Eyes – Kevin Macleod
30. Ice Demon – Kevin Macleod
31. Sorrow – Yasupochi

P.S. Some links are still missing because I forgot where I got them from! Sorry!

6 thoughts on “Cupid – Sound Design & Music list

    • I have also done my best with hunting down both ‘Bitterness’ and ‘Night Terrors’ from Autumn Elm. Is it possible, as Christine asked, to get this file sent, or were these two tracks simply exclusive to this wonderful game’s experience?


      • Hello christine and Kasper! Bitterness and Night Terrors are original music contributed for us by Autumn Elm! I wasn’t sure whether he would want it to be distributed so I didn’t post it up. I could email them to you if you want them! Should I use the email you used for your accounts? Thanks a lot for your support! ^-^


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